I’m still getting the hang of proper exposure for this film stock, but I’m truly in love with some of these images.

Canon 1N | Kodak Gold 200 | film developed and scanned by SPEEDY in Tacoma

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I’m surprised EVERY TIME the shutter sound (that sounds like I’ve just slapped two giant pieces of metal together next to his head) doesn’t wake him up. I’m also a little surprised (and really pleased) that he takes a nap every day… because he’s 5.

Canon 1N | Expired Fuji 200 | film developed and scanned by SPEEDY in Tacoma

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Three years married and lovely as can be, Alycia and Austin are also brave souls; they had no issue climbing over the new-and-improved (i.e. more dangerous to climb over) safety barricade at the end of the boardwalk to get to the glorious place that is the base of Snoqualmie Falls. A few photos, a few new friends, a few wet cameras, and a beautiful evening was had by all. I shot this session together with my friend Max, check out some of his images from this evening at Maxwell Smithers Photography!

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Gray days are still some of my favorite days, and particular gray evening spent with Brian and Marissa at Chambers Bay was SO MUCH FUN. These two are sweet, funny, and transparent. I’m so stoked to photograph their wedding in July, it’ll be an amazing day full of all kinds of adventure. Whenever I meet people like this, I just want to keep them. I think I will. :)

Check out some of their photos!

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In honor of Mother’s Day, I’d like to share with you photos of the most wonderful thing I’ve ever been privileged to document; the birth of Judah. I can only begin to describe the honor it was to be there when a new life came in to the world. I got the call in the early and dark hours of the day that Trista had gone into labor and she and Sam were headed to the hospital. I got dressed in the dark with speed I never had before and left the house with excitement that rivaled the anticipation of my own babies being born. I wasn’t aware then, but I wouldn’t leave the hospital for another half a day when it was dark again.

I never imagined I could see someone so focused on the task at hand as Trista in her labor with Judah. Trista gave birth naturally, and had plans to give birth in water, but the on-call midwife had concerns about her medical history with her heart and wanted to be careful, so she wasn’t allowed to continue with that plan. She was able to labor in the bath tub, but upon entering was in even more pain then when she entered. Let me say that after having three natural deliveries, I never realized labor could be quite so difficult as I realized. It was more than 12 hours long, and I KNOW the kind of pain she was in, because the pain grows in the process of labor. But the pain I felt at the end of my labors was so clearly the pain she was feeling for the majority of her labor. I know. I remember. I remember the sounds a person makes, what the body naturally does, the coping mechanisms a person uses, the intensity of it all. And it was *hard* to watch. She did the work and went through it all, but I must take this moment to give credit to those who are in the position to watch helplessly and have their heart break because someone they love is hurting and they can’t help; the dads who so badly want to alleviate the pain, the woman’s mother who is there and knows what she is going through but still feels it all over again, filled with pride and pain alike, except THEY KNOW the joy and love that is about to break through.

Trista’s mom was a rock star, moving in when she knew she was needed without Trista even having to say a word. Sam was quiet and supportive and always had a choice of apple juice or water for Trista. But after 12 HARD hours and the pain the ones who loved her felt was palpable, Trista was focused like no other. Trista stuck it out. As labor was reaching 12 hours of back-TO-back contractions that while were *extraordinarily painful* (<—– that’s me, three baby lady giving my perspective on what was happening) the midwife had cause for concern because of how slowly Trista was dilating even with the hard contractions, so the she suggested some light pain relief to help her body relax and dilate enough to being pushing. The medication helped her body relax and complete dilation, but unfortunately didn’t alleviate her pain. After another half an hour of pushing and as one thing after another, Judah’s shoulder was stuck. The midwife had do manually deliver his other shoulder resulting in a third degree tear for Trista, but Judah was HERE. Unscathed by the events of the day. And he was beautiful.

*I’ve never admired someone doing their job more than a labor and delivery nurse. Shout out to Juniper.

Want to see something amazing? Scroll on to check out some photos from that wild day.



3:45 p.m.

8 pounds 2 ounces. 20 inches long


The Kalalau Trail. 11 miles of hills and ridge line on the most beautiful coast of Kauai. John and I only camped one night at Kalalau because we had limited time on the island, but if we ever make this hike again, it will be to stay for at least a few days. Much appreciation to our friends Ryan and Derek who loaned us their gear to make this happen! You guys rock.

My fear of heights: diminished. Thanks for helping me through the rough patches, John.

My fitness level: WAAAAY WAY way better than last year when we hiked only half of the trail and couldn’t walk for two days after. I was impressed by both John and myself and was pretty proud we were able to have accomplished the trek so well.

Since the thought of lugging my heavy and expensive camera along the trail was laughable to me, all these images from the hike are 35mm film taken on a $15 automatic waterproof camera that hailed from Ebay. Thanks Canon. I will always love you. Apparently, you can still make vacation photos like you used to. Check it out.

Canon WP1 | Fuji Superia 400 + Kodak Gold 200 | film scans by SPEEDY in Tacoma

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My beautiful cousin was recently visited by her boyfriend who lives in Germany, so when we had a few minutes of down time we ran over to one of my favorite spots at Wapato Park for some quick portraits to document the occasion.

Canon 1N | Portra 400 | film scans by SPEEDY in Tacoma

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Ahhhhhhh. John and I spent last week in Kauai in the sunshine. We tagged along on my sister and her husband’s vacation and slept on their couch bed and sat in the backseat of their rental car and they are SO amazing to let us crash their time together. We’ve been to Kauai with them twice before, the first without any kids, the second time with our three kids (see those photos HERE), and then this time just with their baby. Check out his impressive rolls in some of these pictures… fat babies are the best! This time we stayed on the east shore of the island rather than the north, and we did and saw so many new things. Toward the end of our visit, John and I hiked the Kalalau Trail and camped overnight. I definitely was forced to overcome some of my pretty intense fear of heights. I took along a small film camera and I’ll share some of those images in a separate post.

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Messy face. Messy hair. Straight up little boy. And he’s a good one.

Finding new ways to photograph the same subject is a good challenge for me. Three frames from today’s experiment.



Take pictures of your friends, guys! I’ve found I never regret it. Could be because I know such incredibly good-looking people…

Canon 1N | Fuji 400 | film scans by SPEEDY in TacomaLKP001LKP002LKP003LKP004LKP005LKP006LKP007LKP008

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Here are some of my favorite people. As I’m delving more into shooting with film, I remembered this roll that was yet to be developed. Here are a few frames from the fall when we all met up in MN.

Canon 1N | Fuji 400 | film scans by SPEEDY in TacomaLKP001LKP002LKP004LKP003LKP013LKP006LKP007LKP008LKP009LKP011LKP010LKP012

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Laura and Matthew are two people who compliment each other so well.
They met as teenagers, but years went by before they ran into each other again in the produce aisle of the grocery store where Matt worked. Laura and her sister were hosting game night with their friends that night, and with one invitation, Matthew was back in Laura’s life. Laura was so nervous before their first date her sister had to do some serious convincing to get her out the door. Fast forward to Christmas morning of 2013. After they had exchanged their gifts under the tree in their pajamas, Matt went to retrieve one last gift that he forgot to put under the tree. Before Laura knew it, he was on his knee asking her marry him. They were able to share the exciting news of their engagement with their families that very day, and I’m pretty sure Christmas will call for a little extra celebration from now on. :)
On their wedding day, moments continually arose that allowed their personalities to shine and put a spotlight on the loving way they interact with one another. They blew my socks off that day. Laura was the most astoundingly relaxed bride I’ve had the pleasure of photographing, and Matthew could hardly help looking at her with stars in his eyes. Nothing could kill the smooth vibe of this wedding. Not forgotten shoes or missing keys, not wild rain, nothing. It was a remarkable day.



Reception Venue and Catering: C. I. SCHENANIGANS

Photographer: LAUREN KELLEY

Hair: Victoria Risser OF SALON MOGANO

Makeup: Mandalynn Summers OF SALON MOGANO


Glass Centerpieces: Brian Farmer OF TACOMA GLASS BLOWING STUDIO



Wedding Dress: DAVID’S BRIDAL


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Whenever there is a new baby, older siblings just seem so grown up all of a sudden. Last year saw the addition of a beautiful boy to the Burnett family, and now these kids just seem so old! Perhaps they’re just reminding me that growing older is happening to us all, but man…. kids grow up quickly. These four children are about as sweet as they come, even though their personalities are just as different as can be. They had no issue with walking a mile around WAPATO PARK, and were all about exploring and playing in the leaves. They walked and played in the cold afternoon light, and I took some photos.


I love this family. :) We met near their home in Orting on a gorgeous, clear, cold fall day to take some quick updated family photos, and the pleasure was all mine. Spending time with this beautiful crew is even more fun than photographing them.


Today everything is dark. It’s misting and cold and dark.

But I think even that is beautiful.


This is my dear friend’s daughter, Eliza. She is energetic, caring, beautiful, and I love how she gets excited and overjoyed at the little things… like frost over a field. Childhood is great for this kid. We snuck outside for a minute during the football game the other evening for something more fun: a few quick portraits. LKP001LKP002LKP003LKP004LKP005

Stories about love at first sight are so sweet. Two people lock eyes across a room… and BAM. That’s it. They know. Those kinds of stories are nice… but the kind of stories I like have a lot more complexity to them. Maybe that’s one of the reasons I love the story of Tobin and Amanda. When mutual friends introduced them one 4th of July, there wasn’t so much love at first sight as much as… she thought he was a jerk and he thought she was dumb. They quickly realized that they were both waaaaay inaccurate in their first impressions of the other. I’m so thankful for that, because both of these people are exceptional, smart, and passionate. After a double date one evening, Tobin put the XX record Amanda had given him for Christmas on the player for the first time. Tobin told her he saved listening to it because he wanted every first for the rest of his life to be shared with her. He proposed with an absolutely gorgeous ring (check it out friends, this guy has taste), to the sound their favorite song on the record player, in a room full of twinkling lights… I’d tell you more but I think you get the gist that he hit the trifecta of nostalgic romance. I was thrilled to get a call from Amanda about documenting their wedding not only because I enjoy them as people, but I knew how beautiful and fun it would be because they both have a top notch sense of style. I just love it when creative people get together… Amanda is an amazing hair stylist and Tobin is a cinematographer, and it seems like everything they touch becomes even more beautiful.

Their wedding day was a warm, lovely, bright August day, and any reasonable person would call it pretty much perfect. They were surrounded by a wedding party of amazing people who were a complete joy to spend the day with, and family and friends who couldn’t have been happier just to be in their presence that day supporting them with love. I can’t describe to you how happy Tobin and Amanda were that the time had finally come that they were about to be Mr. and Mrs. Risser. I think everyone’s faces hurt from smiling too much at some point. Every element of the ceremony and reception was crafted by someone they loved. Their dear friends played music, Tobin’s mother and family made all of the amazing desserts, and his sister created all of the gorgeous flower arrangements with blooms that came straight from Pike Place Market. Friends and family made certain that every detail amazing for them. Now, because Tobin is also a musician, it was only fitting that he play in the band at the reception along with some of their best friends while Amanda danced to her heart’s content, loving every minute of it. By the end of the night the air was left buzzing with energy and happiness. There are wonderful things in store for these two in marriage and as they work to build their life together. Their way of loving and interacting with both each other and the world around them has given them a place among the most beautiful people I know. Check out some photos from their first day of marriage shot using both Kodak Portra 400 film and digital mediums.



Photographer: LAUREN KELLEY



Floral Design: CAITLIN TARON with blooms fresh from PIKE PLACE MARKET

Decor and Coordination: KAT LAWTON and AUBRY FIELD (AKA the dynamic duo)




Groom’s Suit: SUIT SUPPLY




DJ Extraordinaire: SAM WOLCOTT


It’s hard for me to believe that this girl is a whole year old. It’s been a beautiful trip for me to photograph her first year of life, and every minute spent with her family has been nothing short of wonderful. I can’t say enough good things about these beautiful people and the love they have as a family. They have encouraged me so much as a photographer and trusted me with the important job of documenting moments of their first year with Carson, and I’ve valued every bit of it. To celebrate turning a year old, we did it up right with a cupcake from SWEET THEMES bakery in Kent, followed up by some good old fashion duck watching. My favorite part might have been the over-the-top kisses that Carson was giving her mama at the end. Check out these (belated) photos of the birthday girl.


As I’m getting caught up on all of my editing and (long overdue) blogging from this wild summer, I’ve loved looking back on some the moments that are now frozen in my memory from these shoots. For this little girl’s 1 year session I met up in Pioneer Square with her family (including a visiting grandpa!) for an evening walk around the light drenched city that they love so much. They enjoy being out and about exploring their city together… her mom describes Araya as a baby who brunches, so this was the perfect venue to capture some memories of how she was at 1 year old. She is such a happy and content child and a joy to photograph. Here are a few frames from that lovely summer evening.


I recently got a new 35mm lens (my very favorite) because my old one is on the fritz. Not wanting to spring for Canon right now and because I’m all about trying something new, I decided to take THIS BABY for a spin. Anyone who buys photo gear knows this is a steal of a deal. I’m pretty impressed with this lens so far. All of these are shot wide open at 2.0. I like the way it handles light for the most part, but if you get a bit too much of the sun it can give a pretty wild flare. All in all, after a first run it’s a definite keeper.

I took it along on an outing to the ZOO this week. We’ve been there a thousand times (thanks to my sweet aunt Margie for the gift that keeps on giving… our zoo membership) and it never gets old. Here’s some real life for you. PNW kids have to climb on bronze animals and run around on the Jimi Hendrix rock… in my professional opinion, those things are some of the best parts of the local kid experience.


This little girl is about as beautiful as babies come… I might be partial because I’ve got a serious soft spot for her, but I still think I’m right.


How can I express how wonderful this couple is? I’m not sure words (or photos for that matter) can do justice to the amount of love these two have to share with the world. Susan and Brian had mutual friends long before they became a couple, and it wasn’t until they were cornered in the back of a giant road trip van that their love began to blossom. Brian gave her a surprise proposal at Parson’s Garden in Seattle while on what should have been a normal date. But that day, waiting in the center of the garden was a picnic with all of Susan’s favorite foods (because Brian is just awesome like that) and a hollowed out copy of Pride and Prejudice (Susan’s favorite book) with a ring inside. Brian had a GoPro set up in the bushes to capture her reaction… would she cry? Would she freak out? No. When she saw the beautiful ring, she laughed. I think that’s such a perfect example of how joyful Susan is and how thoughtful Brian is.

They were married on one of the most bright and beautiful days of this entire summer. We could have all been melting in the sun, but these two saw the best in everything and we found a perfect patch of shade for portraits. Susan was the most amazing bride, and her vibrant spirit was so obvious in every frame I shot. Their wedding ceremony was so powerful, honoring, and filled with joy and hope. I enjoyed simply witnessing the ceremony as much as I enjoyed documenting it! Big things will happen in the future for these two. I hope you enjoy this honest glimpse into their beautiful wedding day.


Venue: United Presbyterian Church of Seattle

Photographer: Lauren Kelley

Hair and Makeup: Erica Jane

Florist, Design, and Planning: Sang Taylor

Officiants: Thomas Taylor and James Stalker

Wedding Dress: David’s Bridal 

Worship Band: ROOTS Foursquare Church worship team

Videography: Jack Tong and Andrew Yoo

Wedding Cake: Sylvia Kwon


I met up with the Singletons at the lovely Clark’s Creek Park in Puyallup for a quick shoot recently. They have a new baby who is almost as adorable as his rambunctious and energetic big brother. It was a total joy to play around in the woods with these happy folks for a bit on that warm end-of-Summer day. Take a look at this sweet family.


I just want to be at the beach. Oceans at hand are preferable, but any beach will do. I don’t care if it’s gray. Allow me time to go to the beach and I am a thoroughly happy person. This particular beach was at Grayland Beach State Park on a recent camping trip with family. And it was gray… and lovely.


This family is most dear to me. Emily has been my closest friend since… junior highish? Early high school? I can never remember details about things like this. I barely remember my wedding anniversary, my friends, so this bit of missing detail doesn’t make our friendship less important to me. :) Camp friends, sometimes they stick! She married the most wonderful man, Taylor, and together they have a beautiful daughter, Junia. Junia has a sweet, gentle, confident spirit. After waiting nearly a year, I finally got to meet her while we were visiting MN this summer! The Summachs were traveling from Canada where they reside, and we were able to spend a couple of glorious days catching up all while celebrating the marriage of another dear friend. Taylor is a brilliant photographer, and we did a quick photo swap. Having friends who are artists is the best. As I look back at these photos, I almost forget the viciousness of the mosquitoes and the humidity that hung all around like a colored fog and made it seem as if though the air had swelled to twice its normal volume. Clearly the northwest has made me soft and I’m a big complainer. Emily and Taylor, I love you two and your sweet Junia. Thank you again for letting me get her muddy. She was so very happy about it. :)


Tobin and Amanda’s wedding was AWESOME. They are two of the most wonderful people I have the pleasure of knowing, and the first day of their marriage was exceptional. We shot some of their portraits on film, and I’m pretty well in love with these.

Canon 1N | Fuji Superia 400 + Portra 400

Scans by the lovely folks at Speedy E Photo in Tacoma.


Laura and Matt are engaged! These two are sweet, fun, and relaxed, and they’re getting married after years of being in love. We met up at Point Defiance Park in Tacoma where they run together, and we barely escaped being rained on the whole time. I’m so excited for the beginning of their new life together, they are truly beautiful, inside and out.