Judah’s Birth

In honor of Mother’s Day, I’d like to share with you photos of the most wonderful thing I’ve ever been privileged to document; the birth of Judah. I can only begin to describe the honor it was to be there when a new life came in to the world. I got the call in the early and dark hours of the day that Trista had gone into labor and she and Sam were headed to the hospital. I got dressed in the dark with speed I never had before and left the house with excitement that rivaled the anticipation of my own babies being born. I wasn’t aware then, but I wouldn’t leave the hospital for another half a day when it was dark again.

I never imagined I could see someone so focused on the task at hand as Trista in her labor with Judah. Trista gave birth naturally, and had plans to give birth in water, but the on-call midwife had concerns about her medical history with her heart and wanted to be careful, so she wasn’t allowed to continue with that plan. She was able to labor in the bath tub, but upon entering was in even more pain then when she entered. Let me say that after having three natural deliveries, I never realized labor could be quite so difficult as I realized. It was more than 12 hours long, and I KNOW the kind of pain she was in, because the pain grows in the process of labor. But the pain I felt at the end of my labors was so clearly the pain she was feeling for the majority of her labor. I know. I remember. I remember the sounds a person makes, what the body naturally does, the coping mechanisms a person uses, the intensity of it all. And it was *hard* to watch. She did the work and went through it all, but I must take this moment to give credit to those who are in the position to watch helplessly and have their heart break because someone they love is hurting and they can’t help; the dads who so badly want to alleviate the pain, the woman’s mother who is there and knows what she is going through but still feels it all over again, filled with pride and pain alike, except THEY KNOW the joy and love that is about to break through.

Trista’s mom was a rock star, moving in when she knew she was needed without Trista even having to say a word. Sam was quiet and supportive and always had a choice of apple juice or water for Trista. But after 12 HARD hours and the pain the ones who loved her felt was palpable, Trista was focused like no other. Trista stuck it out. As labor was reaching 12 hours of back-TO-back contractions that while were *extraordinarily painful* (<—– that’s me, three baby lady giving my perspective on what was happening) the midwife had cause for concern because of how slowly Trista was dilating even with the hard contractions, so the she suggested some light pain relief to help her body relax and dilate enough to being pushing. The medication helped her body relax and complete dilation, but unfortunately didn’t alleviate her pain. After another half an hour of pushing and as one thing after another, Judah’s shoulder was stuck. The midwife had do manually deliver his other shoulder resulting in a third degree tear for Trista, but Judah was HERE. Unscathed by the events of the day. And he was beautiful.

*I’ve never admired someone doing their job more than a labor and delivery nurse. Shout out to Juniper.

Want to see something amazing? Scroll on to check out some photos from that wild day.



3:45 p.m.

8 pounds 2 ounces. 20 inches long