Ahhhhhhh. John and I spent last week in Kauai in the sunshine. We tagged along on my sister and her husband’s vacation and slept on their couch bed and sat in the backseat of their rental car and they are SO amazing to let us crash their time together. We’ve been to Kauai with them twice before, the first without any kids, the second time with our three kids (see those photos HERE), and then this time just with their baby. Check out his impressive rolls in some of these pictures… fat babies are the best! This time we stayed on the east shore of the island rather than the north, and we did and saw so many new things. Toward the end of our visit, John and I hiked the Kalalau Trail and camped overnight. I definitely was forced to overcome some of my pretty intense fear of heights. I took along a small film camera and I’ll share some of those images in a separate post.

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