Hiking the Kalalau Trail

The Kalalau Trail. 11 miles of hills and ridge line on the most beautiful coast of Kauai. John and I only camped one night at Kalalau because we had limited time on the island, but if we ever make this hike again, it will be to stay for at least a few days. Much appreciation to our friends Ryan and Derek who loaned us their gear to make this happen! You guys rock.

My fear of heights: diminished. Thanks for helping me through the rough patches, John.

My fitness level: WAAAAY WAY way better than last year when we hiked only half of the trail and couldn’t walk for two days after. I was impressed by both John and myself and was pretty proud we were able to have accomplished the trek so well.

Since the thought of lugging my heavy and expensive camera along the trail was laughable to me, all these images from the hike are 35mm film taken on a $15 automatic waterproof camera that hailed from Ebay. Thanks Canon. I will always love you. Apparently, you can still make vacation photos like you used to. Check it out.

Canon WP1 | Fuji Superia 400 + Kodak Gold 200 | film scans by SPEEDY in Tacoma

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