Zoo Day + New Lens

I recently got a new 35mm lens (my very favorite) because my old one is on the fritz. Not wanting to spring for Canon right now and because I’m all about trying something new, I decided to take THIS BABY for a spin. Anyone who buys photo gear knows this is a steal of a deal. I’m pretty impressed with this lens so far. All of these are shot wide open at 2.0. I like the way it handles light for the most part, but if you get a bit too much of the sun it can give a pretty wild flare. All in all, after a first run it’s a definite keeper.

I took it along on an outing to the ZOO this week. We’ve been there a thousand times (thanks to my sweet aunt Margie for the gift that keeps on giving… our zoo membership) and it never gets old. Here’s some real life for you. PNW kids have to climb on bronze animals and run around on the Jimi Hendrix rock… in my professional opinion, those things are some of the best parts of the local kid experience.