Susan and Brian

How can I express how wonderful this couple is? I’m not sure words (or photos for that matter) can do justice to the amount of love these two have to share with the world. Susan and Brian had mutual friends long before they became a couple, and it wasn’t until they were cornered in the back of a giant road trip van that their love began to blossom. Brian gave her a surprise proposal at Parson’s Garden in Seattle while on what should have been a normal date. But that day, waiting in the center of the garden was a picnic with all of Susan’s favorite foods (because Brian is just awesome like that) and a hollowed out copy of Pride and Prejudice (Susan’s favorite book) with a ring inside. Brian had a GoPro set up in the bushes to capture her reaction… would she cry? Would she freak out? No. When she saw the beautiful ring, she laughed. I think that’s such a perfect example of how joyful Susan is and how thoughtful Brian is.

They were married on one of the most bright and beautiful days of this entire summer. We could have all been melting in the sun, but these two saw the best in everything and we found a perfect patch of shade for portraits. Susan was the most amazing bride, and her vibrant spirit was so obvious in every frame I shot. Their wedding ceremony was so powerful, honoring, and filled with joy and hope. I enjoyed simply witnessing the ceremony as much as I enjoyed documenting it! Big things will happen in the future for these two. I hope you enjoy this honest glimpse into their beautiful wedding day.


Venue: United Presbyterian Church of Seattle

Photographer: Lauren Kelley

Hair and Makeup: Erica Jane

Florist, Design, and Planning: Sang Taylor

Officiants: Thomas Taylor and James Stalker

Wedding Dress: David’s Bridal 

Worship Band: ROOTS Foursquare Church worship team

Videography: Jack Tong and Andrew Yoo

Wedding Cake: Sylvia Kwon