The Summach Family

This family is most dear to me. Emily has been my closest friend since… junior highish? Early high school? I can never remember details about things like this. I barely remember my wedding anniversary, my friends, so this bit of missing detail doesn’t make our friendship less important to me. :) Camp friends, sometimes they stick! She married the most wonderful man, Taylor, and together they have a beautiful daughter, Junia. Junia has a sweet, gentle, confident spirit. After waiting nearly a year, I finally got to meet her while we were visiting MN this summer! The Summachs were traveling from Canada where they reside, and we were able to spend a couple of glorious days catching up all while celebrating the marriage of another dear friend. Taylor is a brilliant photographer, and we did a quick photo swap. Having friends who are artists is the best. As I look back at these photos, I almost forget the viciousness of the mosquitoes and the humidity that hung all around like a colored fog and made it seem as if though the air had swelled to twice its normal volume. Clearly the northwest has made me soft and I’m a big complainer. Emily and Taylor, I love you two and your sweet Junia. Thank you again for letting me get her muddy. She was so very happy about it. :)